A Golden Ray Clearing can:

*  Clear stagnant, stressful energy from home &      office

*  Balance geopathic stressors affecting your            home

*  Clear toxic energies of past relationships

*  Clear out the energy of the departed

*  Relocate nonphysical beings if necessary

*  Remove/block draining energetic influences

*  Energetically clear your home for sale/rental

You are intimately connected to your home.  As we energetically clear your home, we also work with you personally  to energetically clear issues that are draining your vitality and affecting your homes atmosphere.


Let us support your intention for change !


We will create an energetically clear and vibrant living environment in your home or office or facility.  Our remote sessions (distance or nonlocalremove stagnant and traumatic energy that may have built up in your home or facility over time, cut personal energetic cords (connections) that are debilitating and no longer beneficial, balance toxic geopathic stressors, and remove bothersome or harmful nonphysical beings that can be attracted to contracted environments.  Our clients have reported that a clearing has helped them to sell their home, to emotionally let go of past relationships, and to be more at ease in their living space.

You are intimately connected to your home.  Your personal energy has an effect on your home, and issues with your home's energy will have an effect on you.  In the process of a residential clearing we first give attention to the home or office and to the surrounding land.  We then work with individuals to sever energetic connections with others, persons or places (past/present), that are debilitating to them and not in their present highest good.  All areas are scanned and remedied as necessary in the process of each unique  clearing.  We personally communicate with clients before a clearing and are available to answer questions at that time, as well as after our report is received.



 After we have energetically cleared your home or office you may wish to consider acquiring a 3D Flower of Life sculpture to maintain the energetic clarity of your space over time. 


 Some benefits of having your home, office or facility energetically cleared.


If you'd like us to energetically clear a home, office, or other space please contact us via phone, email, and let us know when would be the best time to reach you.

We will contact you within 24 hours to talk about your specific reasons for desiring a clearing and to set up an approximate timing.

Our fee for clearing a residence or place of business is only $195.  This includes
a report, emailed within several days, relating our findings and actions taken.                  

Our fee for clearing a large commercial or public facility will vary depending on it's size and current use.   Contact us.

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