Both K Mae and David are practitioners of multidimensional healing and have been energetically clearing homes and other structures for years.  They learned and practiced meditative healing techniques during 20+ years of training with the spiritual teacher Vywamus.

K Mae is a skilled massage therapist and energetic healer.  She practices distance as well as hands on clearing using Reiki and Mariel.  Golden Ray Clearing is a wonderful channel for the skills that she has honed over the years in assessing and clearing energy fields.  

David creates Genesa Crystals and Flowers of Life sacred geometric structures, and he wrote the Owner's Guide© for the Genesa Crystal.  He plays with dowsing, and writes/channels poetry based on the sequential letters of a persons name that is called 'Whispers from Soul'.  They are compressed messages channeled through the energetic doorway of an individual's present name to deliver timely information from one's Soul for the present moment.  Whispers contain multiple levels of meaning to discover as the message is embraced through contemplation or meditation.  

He was a founding partner of Metamorphysis, creators of  amazing transformational crystal art.  

David has trained in various techniques for personal as well as structural energetic clearing. Together with K Mae they energetically clear homes, offices, buildings and land.  In their remote clearing practice they remove stagnant and traumatic energy, cut emotional cords no longer beneficial to the individual, balance geopathic stressors, and remove harmful non-physical beings.  

They regularly send Golden Ray healing to areas of the world in distress through man-made or natural disaster

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