Some of the benefits of having your home or facility energetically cleared 

by Golden Ray.


Clear stagnant energies that affect the atmosphere of your home or facility.  

Over time, your home can feel stuffy, or contracted.  The attitudes and emotions that we emanate as we go through the normal routines of our lives become a component of the atmosphere of our living space.  Resignation, victimization, hopelessness, anger, fear, etc. all become a part of the very air that we breathe.  The once common custom of spring-cleaning is a method of energetically clearing an area. Rearranging the furniture can serve the same purpose as well as the fairly recent practice of smudging.  These can help freshen the atmosphere, but they may not get at the energy that has been layered into the walls and floors of the home.  This can be vitally important especially if you have moved into new apartment or home.  The attitudes and emotions previously vibrated in your "new" space can have a subtle influence on your own thoughts and feelings.  Golden Ray will energetically clear a structure starting at 20 feet below ground level.

Large public facilities are particularly vulnerable to the effects of prolonged thoughts and emotions of anger, fear, victimization, hopelessness, etc.  These energies can build up over time to form the basis of an environment that can challenge the best of us to maintain our equilibrium.  In such an abnormal environment is it any wonder that we experience unwanted results?  Golden Ray can clear the accumulated dis-ease that has accumulated over time.  We will work with the energy of those who work or reside in a facility to release patterns of action/reaction that go beyond what is appropriate for the moment.  We are willing to work with the administration of public institutions such as prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. to demonstrate the efficacy of our methods to bring more peace and ease to their daily routines as well as to interpersonal relations.


Bring balance to emanations of discordant earth energies from water veins, radioactive fissures, etc.  

There are many types of geopathic stressors that can have a very negative effect on your health over time.  Like electricity moving through a conductor, water moving through underground veins emanate an energy field.   Over time this field can be hazardous to your health, especially if you live over crossed veins.  The dowsing community has been aware of this hazard for many years and recommends that the energetic effects be remedied.  Fissures in the bedrock under your home can allow toxic (radioactive and gaseous) energies to rise closer to the surface affecting your health.  Chances are that you will never know that you have been living over such a spot and attribute a physical condition to any number of well-known and commonly accepted factors.  Within our clearing process we use various remedies to balance these disharmonious energies and neutralize their toxic effect on your environment.  The earth can support your health rather than stimulate your dis-ease.

 Anchor specific intentions and energetic formats.

As we go through our clearing process we may find that there is a specific need for energetic help in an area of the house on an ongoing basis.  To assist in the area, we can anchor specific etheric crystals into the structure's foundation, central core or land to vibrate the needed energy and intention. 


 Disconnect and transmute energetic cords that do not serve your present highest good.

Sometimes a beginning or a desire for a new beginning can be heavily influenced by a previous relationship with a person or place that we thought we had ended.  Consciously we may have separated, but unconsciously we are still holding on to the connection.  Your romantic relationship may have ended, but your grief or anger (fill in the blank) keeps you unconsciously bound.  A loved one may have passed, but your feelings of loss are sapping your vitality.  Your hurt feelings towards someone that you think " has done you wrong " ties you to them all the more strongly.  In these cases there are energetic cords in place that bind you together.  Whether conscious or unconscious, these cords enable a connection that diverts your life force from the present moment.   Your energy is not available to you to use here and now in your life.  Golden Ray can cut these cords allowing the held energy to go to its rightful owner (both ways) facilitating a healthier relationship with yourself as well as others without the emotional "charge". 

Remove and relocate non-physical beings whose presence is unhealthy to resident humans and animals.

We are multidimensional beings!  The resonance of our existence extends beyond our visible 3rd dimensional world.  Our thoughts and our emotions radiate out and connect with what they are in alignment.  The low mental and emotional vibrational energies of depression and hopelessness, for instance, will connect with and draw in elements and beings that vibrate at a similar level.  These beings feed off your emotional state and by their very presence can perpetuate it.  As you "play" with this energy it becomes increasingly difficult to shift it to something more positive like joy or happiness. Depression deepens and becomes palpable in your home.  More parasitic beings are drawn in.  Long-term illness arguably results from long-term mental and emotional dis-ease.  Golden Ray can remove these beings from your environment and relocate them.  We will then close all access points to inhibit their return.  Our intention is to support you in your desire for a fresh start, to take a deep breath and make new choices.


Increase the chance of your home, condo, or apartment sale/rental with an energetic "clean sweep".  

How a living space feels is very important to a prospective renter or buyer.  A listing can stagnate because prospects unconsciously feel a heaviness in the atmosphere that they may not be able to put into words.  As important as it is to physically clean a home or apartment to prepare it for showing, it is equally vital to energetically clear the environment of previous attitudes, emotions and psychic dis-ease.  We can clear out the energetic accumulation of the past to make space for something new.  

If you've been trying to sell your home with no result, perhaps on some unconscious level there is resistance to letting the home go.  We can help to sever the emotional attachments that are preventing the movement you desire.  


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