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Cleaning house, cosmically

 KATHRYN SKELTON, Staff Writer  

Friday, March 7, 2014


WINDHAM — For one client, it was stress in the ground a mile under the house.  For another, an oppressive, overgrown pine grove. For another: old, stagnant energy in the walls.

During sessions conducted in the meditation room of their home, David Dobson and K Mae Schares claim they can hone in on properties hundreds and even thousands of miles away — their most distant client has been in Sweden — identifying sources of discontent and using various remedies to clear and balance the location.

 Golden Ray Energetics' specialty is remote home energy clearings.



David Dobson and K Mae Schares hold a Genesa crystal made by Dobson at their home.  Their business is Golden Ray Energetics, specializing in remote home energy clearings.



The entrance of the home of David Dobson and K Mae Schares is filled with symbolic, natural and man-made objects that promote energy clearing.



 Some of our clients are trying to move homes that have lingered on the market for sale or for rent.  Dobson said they cut unconscious energetic connections that may be hindering the movement they desire, and clear out any negativity that may have been left from previous residents.


"If you're not selling a home and having trouble, there may be reasons other than the market is slow," he said. "A realtor recently asked, 'Can you tell me if this home needs to be cleared?’  “You wouldn't be asking if you weren't feeling that some clearing is needed beyond the physical level."


While most clients are homeowners, David and K Mae are looking to expand their six-year-old business into larger facilities, such as nursing homes, jails and even nuclear power plant holding pools. "Being in some institutions is like being thrown into a toxic soup of anger, fear and victimization," Dobson said. "We’d like to work with those environments. We feel we can make a difference.”


David's background is in carpentry, sacred geometry and metaphysical art. K Mae’s background is healing and massage.

It is natural, she said, to move from working on an individual's energy to that of a home environment.

 They operate on the belief that when it comes to energy, there is no space between here and there.  "The quantum physics principle of non-locality states that there is essentially no distance between points A and B, whether we're talking about our den in Maine or a home in California," Dobson said.


 Golden Ray relies on customer referrals and print advertising as well as their website at Customers have gifted home clearings for weddings, birthdays, or housewarmings. "During the last year we've done a lot of work in California," he said.

When a customer contacts Golden Ray they discuss, via phone or email, their concerns and reasons for desiring a clearing. During a session, Dobson and Schares energetically work first clearing and balancing the land. They then clear the home, and work with the energy bodies of residents and pets.

Clients are told of the day and approximate time of the clearing. Thereafter they receive a detailed report of findings.

From past reports:

"While moving through the home we cleared a blockage in the kitchen dealing with the nurturing flow, then swept throughout the entire home anchoring the energy of joy throughout."



 "As we began to energetically clear this structure, there ensued a great deal of movement as the earth seemed to vomit as if in

response to a poisoning that had been kept in place for quite some time."

"We immediately felt an overlay of intense grief that was firmly anchored over and surrounding the house. This layer was pulled off and transmuted."

"In one of the last clearings we did, K Mae saw someone covered in a death shroud, though very much alive."   They included this information in the report, explaining that this could be interpreted as a sign, not of death, but of withholding and contraction of their life force energy.

"We have to be honest," Schares said. "Part of our intention is to empower people to make positive changes in their lives."

Vicky Stover of Durham, N.C., found the couple through a local landscaper who also does energy work. Less than a year after Stover moved into her new home, a nasty storm brought 8 inches of rain, plugged drains in the neighborhood, turning her lawn into a river, doing extensive damage. This was just one of several issues with the property.  "It was one drama after another; there were so many things going wrong."

"One clearing in particular, was pretty phenomenal," Stover said. "They changed something underground, and I know that might sound silly but I still can feel a difference."

 “The whole concept is akin to traditional spring cleaning, opening windows, clearing clutter. Most homes need it,” Dobson said.


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