Just the intention from you is so powerful and transforming.  I hope that you have many new clients to work with, as the world needs the energy healing that you and K Mae provide.  It is PROFOUND!   V.S.


When we called you a couple of weeks ago it was at that moment in our lives when we could see clearly that life as we knew it must change.  On this one particular day after more difficulty came up for us and we became more and more overwhelmed we decided to call David.  Our reason for calling was to ask for help with our home, water was flowing through our property from surrounding properties and our health and well-being were suffering.
Our life changed as soon as we made the call.  A peace instantly came over us.  We both noticed the shift and how we were able to see clearly a path for ourselves for the future. Since that day every area of our lives has shifted; our relationship improved, health related issues got better, and our home feels safe and sound. I am not so sad, victimized and hopeless.  I spend more time at home and it doesn't  feel daunting to me anymore.  We are just happier and more peaceful.  We encourage anyone considering David's and           K Mae's work to do so.  Their intention, true gentle spirits and love of life combined with wisdom is there for us when we need it.  This has been a wonderful gift in our lives.
  Vicky S


In 2008 I needed to sell my house.  The market was horrendous, the house seemed a tough sell anyway, and I was in a toxic relationship with my co-owner.  I tried every tactic available to sell this house, but month after month passed by, and my energy plummeted, along with my usual steadfast faith.  One day I called David, asking him to do some work on my house.  When he came over he mentioned that he and K Mae do energy clearing and indeed their company Golden Ray Clearing would be glad to help me.  Well, helping was an understatement.  After an assessment and clearing K Mae called me that very night and shared what they had found.  I really resonated with the findings; they were clearly right on.  I had known both of these folks for quite a while and respected their work very much.  Nevertheless, I knew the clearing had to be the clearing of the century to sell this puppy.  Well, it was!  After one year of trying to sell, the newly cleared house attracted a couple who bought it ONE WEEK after David and K Mae's work.  There is no question that Golden Ray Clearing "purified" the house's energy allowing the universe to work its magic of manifestation.  The sheer absence of all that toxic stress, and the knowing that this lovely property would be cared for by a great couple gave me great peace.  I was blessed as I believe anyone working with David and K Mae will be.   Laurie C



My tenants, in a rental property, gave notice that they were moving out at the end of the lease.  I advertised the house for rent, but was appalled when I took the first of several prospects through.  The house felt "heavy" - and the tenants' overflowing belongings and the smell of cat litter didn't help matters.  The house did not show well, and I was having trouble finding new tenants.  David Dobson and K Mae Schares offered to energetically clear the house.  I took them up on their offer, and showed the house to a couple the day following the clearing.  The house felt entirely different, and the new prospects promptly decided to rent.  From clearing to contract in less than 24 hours.  Not a bad investment.    Janet M


We’ve known David for about 15 years.  Well, we have just lost two Tibetan Spaniels, Jason and Sophie, two of the dearest dogs anyone could possibly have – certainly members of the family.  Jason had a cancerous tumor, and Sophie had kidney failure.  They both loved David whenever he came to the house, and I’m sure he loved them too.  Their death brought extreme sadness into the house.  Where ever I went or whatever I did, I would imagine them at my side.  I would put your foot in the door when I came home so they wouldn’t get outside. When getting dinner, I would look down to where they would normally be sitting waiting for a morsel.  I could see Jason sitting in the middle of the living room floor tearing up magazines.  He was partial to catalogues.  I had constant reminders of their former presence.  One day, David said he thought he could help.  He said that he might be able to help clear their energy from the house.  Jason and Sophie would move on, but our love for them would not be affected.  Well, you know, I sort of poo pooed the idea not knowing how he could do that, but he could try if he wished.  Well, the next morning was so new, different, and such a surprise.   I, of course, thought about Jason and Sophie, but I didn’t get all weepy every time.  It was OK.  They were gone, but still with us in a wonderful way.  The power that David and K Mae have is certainly amazing.  Robert R

Thanks again for this wonderful service - it is a true blessing to all who choose to take advantage of it.  HS

I just wanted to tell you the difference in energy in my office at work was palpable; it was noticeably brighter.  It was like the sunshine was getting through better, or something.    I felt more clear and I was much more able to focus on the task at hand; my productivity and focus are much better.  Thank you to you both!  HC

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