Energetically, each of a Genesa Crystal's 14 facets is a dimensional doorway through which differing energies and potentials can be accessed and manifested into our 3rd dimensional reality.   As a crystal is created a representative of the Devic Kingdom "ensouls" the crystal and co-creates with you through the crystal's unique properties.  

Left unprogrammed, a Genesa Crystal can be used to maintain an energetically clear space.  

By following an activation procedure, outlined in an accompanying copyrighted owner's guide, you can learn to consciously co-create with the Devic Kingdom and the crystal to manifest an intention that you desire.  

Genesa crystals are also called cubeoctohedrons or vector equilibriums and have the energy of a torus.  To learn more about the torus I highly recommend that you watch the movie "Thrive" on YouTube.



 The Perelandra nature research center has used a Genesa Crystal in its garden for a number of years as an "energy air conditioner".  Machaelle Small Wright, founder of Perelandra, feels that "...it draws in energy from all forms within a certain radius (a 24 inch diameter crystal impacts form within a 2 mile radius), cleanses, balances it, and sends it back out".  The Wrights have also used a crystal in their home with a similar energy cleansing and balancing effect. 


The Genesa Crystals that I create are made in conscious connection with the Devic Kingdom and spiritual realms with the intention that their effects be transformational .  Each Crystal comes with a unique Genesa Crystal Owner's Guide© describing it's history, metaphysical properties, various uses, and recommended care.   It is meant to be positioned on a horizontal surface.

For more information about the history of the Genesa Crystal and it's energetics visit www.GenesaCrystal.com


Three sizes of Genesa Crystal are available: 

I am between homes and am not set up to create Genesa Crystals at this time.  I will update this page when I have another space available to create more.  I have nothing in stock at this time. (2/2/2019).  Thanks for visiting! 

The 6" ($95 USD + $10 shipping) and 9" ($105 USD + $12 shipping) crystals are made of gold chromated plated metal rings and vibrate a softer energy that is best suited for use in home or office.


      6" Genesa crystal  

      9" Genesa crystal  



The 16" crystal ($150 USD + $18 shipping)l is made of natural copper tubing and is ideal for use outdoors in gardens.  

Out of Stock 


Prices are for U.S. shipment and include owner's guide, shipping/handling, insurance.    

Contact us for overseas rates.  



      Genesa Crystal Owner's Guide©

The 6 page Owner's Guide talks about the Genesa Crystal's  history, metaphysical properties, various uses, and recommended care.  It's free with a crystal purchase or available as an email attachment for $10.


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